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Ski and Ride with Us!

Beavercreek, CO

Kittyhawk Ski and Board Club. All Rights Reserved.

Ski and Ride with Us!

2022 Trips 

Boyne, MI - Jan 9-12

Holiday Valley, NY. - Feb 6-9

Telluride, CO - Feb 20 - 27

Beavercreek, CO - Jan 22-29

COMBINED2-week Western trip

​         (one airfare!) - TBD

​BANFF: Lake Louise, Canada - 

​Feb 19-26


Kittyhawk Ski and Board Club

Do I have to be affiliate with Wright Patterson AFB?

No.  Kittyhawk has members from many different states and from all walks of life.  


What if I am a beginning skier?

Welcome!  You will find people of all abilities in Kittyhawk, and a wealth of information from experienced skiers to help you progress quickly.


What else do you do besides ski?

Our club members are active in many other sports, and the club arranges trips-to-fun-places and parties year-round.


I am new to the area. Where do you ski in Ohio?

There are several ski areas close to Dayton. Kittyhawk also arranges weekend bus trips, trips out West and informal day-trips to areas close by.

I no longer live in Dayton.  Can I still be a member?

Absolutely!  Ground packages are available so you can join us on trips, and we want to know where you are and how you are doing!  Use the Contact Us Form to drop us a line.

Stay Informed

​​​​​​​​​​​​          After all, I can get great deals online!...

  • Discounted group rate on lift tickets - sometimes even 50% off!  You can't get that online!
  • Free food and drinks.  Even if you get that great deal online, you still have to eat!  Club trips have free happy hours with heavy hors d'oeuvres and/or dinner, can include breakfasts, usually include one dinner, apres skis, food and drinks on bus trips, and sometimes even that free lunch!  This offsets a lot of costs!
  • Transportation to and from the resort. Was that included in the internet deal?
  • Extras for the group... usually discounts on rentals, lessons, side excursions on trips...  for those days when everyone in the family doesn't want to ski! 
  • Camaraderie!  People to ski with, to eat with, and to do other things with! Have fun!
  • Trip privileges on all trips with all other ski clubs who are also members of OVSC!

           2022 Trips are listed.  See the Winter Trips Page! MORE INFO COMING!!

Membership FAQs

​​​Weekly Bike Rides:   The weekly bike ride group meets at Factory Road Park just north of Route 35 at 4 pm starting on July 19. Contact: 88keys@earthling.net

Summer Evening Paddle and Dinner! Friday July 30 at the Dayton Canoe Club from  5:30 - 8:30.  PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE!                See more....

Why join kittyhawk?

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Information and blogs are sent by email throughout the year to members and folks who subscribed to them. It is the best way to stay informed of activities and deadlines.  Please subscribe to the email link to receive yours!

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Kittyhawk Ski & Snowboard Club in Dayton, Ohio is open to all individuals living in Dayton and the surrounding areas. We meet monthly year round to socialize, exercise and enjoy group trips. Join us for fun and fellowship on and off the slopes!


JULY 30 Party

WhY Join a ski / Board club?

Join us for fellowship and fun.

 Location: TBD monthly   Gatherings begin at 5 :30pm. Next Gathering is Friday, June 18, 2022

Want more information about membership? Use the Contact Us Form and someone will contact you.

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