​​​​​​​​​​2022 KS&BC Annual Kick Off Party!!

Come on out to Packy's Sports Bar & Grill at the Hope Hotel on October 1 from 5:00 - 7:30!  Meet people, pay your dues, sign up for trips - and free drink tickets!!  This is a great way to meet new people and ask questions about the club. SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!

Packy's Sports Bar & Grill

823 Chidlaw Road

Fairborn, OH 45433

(right off Route 444)


 The weekly bike ride group meets at Factory Road Park just north of Route 35 at 4 pm starting on July 19. Contact: 88keys@earthling.net with questions.

Summer Evening Paddle and Dinner!  - July 2021 


​What is a Slush Cup Party?  It is our end-of-ski-season party with food, drink, games and more!  And, as usual, we will hand out the famous Slush Cup Awards for doing something unbelievably great / stupid/ or funny on the slopes!​​  Nominate someone for a Slush Cup Award now using the form to the right. 

Please bring stories to share about all the mishaps from last year's ski trips.

  • Did you follow Janet into a tree well?
  • Did you see someone fall over getting into the elevator after an evening at the bar at Boyne?
  • Did you ski over a squirrel (again) - (Wendy)?
  • Did you lose a bet and have to ski naked down a hill? (This happened btw.)

We'll share all the stories we know about - and hopefully we'll hear about some that aren't public knowledge yet.
 Nominate someone for a Slush Cup Award now using the form to the right.  

Please add me to your email list.


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Welcome military from Wright Patterson Air Force Base !

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Funny things happen on ski trips... friends run over squirrels, get lost in the woods, or just do something incredibly memorable!  Don't keep it to yourself!  The Slush Cup Awards are given out in the annual spring meeting to commemorate those 'special moments' during a trip that are worthy of being shared with everyone else for a good laugh or a good deed.  Please use the form below to nominate someone for a Slush Cup Award.  The form will go to the Ski Club Board for consideration.

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